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IntuAction Coaching Talent Management focuses on identifying solutions for the challenges you and your organization are facing today. We concentrate on your challenges and build on your assets using them to identify, achieve and often exceed your business and personal objectives. Our comprehensive talent development and consulting services cover everything from one-on-one coaching to divisional training. We can help your organization explore and grow with professional development in a safe, yet challenging environment. 

Call us today and let’s discuss how IntuAction Coaching programs can provide support through a variety of services, including Coaching, Training, Consulting, and Assessments. Supporting you with all four, we can help you bring balance to all areas of your business.

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IntuAction Coaching has created a range of flexible coaching solutions designed to help ensure that your leaders are equipped to excel in today’s mission critical roles-and that a pipleline of qualified, visionary leaders exists for tomorrow.

  • Performance Coaching enhances individual effectiveness for superior business outcomes.

  • Career Coaching guides valued employees towards their personal aspirations, professional expertise and organizational value as they consider options for advancement.  For individuals, it provides a strategic career plan to ensure your transition is well planned and executed and ensures you have the right skills and tools for that competitive advantage.

  • Transition Coaching helps individuals acclimate quickly and comfortable to new roles, accelerating personal impact and increasing retention.

  • High Potential/Success Coaching help designated future leaders develop critical competencies essential for their elevation to and success in senior roles.

  • Leadership Coaching helps technical specialists emerge as leaders and master the challenges of achieving through others.

  • Sales Coaching support improves top-line results among individuals and teams responsible for managing revenue-generating relationships.

Coaching provides building blocks to success to help you set better goals for yourself and your team.

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IntuAction Coaching solutions-based training programs are geared around your organization, helping you to identify your individual and companywide training needs to deliver courses that meet your expectations. Among the key training topics we help you tackle include:

  • Time Management

  • Motivation

  • Problem Solving

  • Conflict

  • Leadership

  • Project Management

  • Communication Effectiveness

  • Team Building

  • Motivation & Persuasion

  • Coaching Skills

  • Creativity & Innovation

  • Negotiation Skills

  • Giving Feedback

  • Delegation Skills

  • Diversity Management  

Training provides building blocks to growth to help you and those on your team achieve more.

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IntuAction Coaching’s consulting services are the choice for human resource and business professionals who want a practical, realistic, and measurable approach to developing or updating talent management strategies and processes in their organization

  • On-boarding- integrating new staff into your organization quickly.

  • Succession Planning-developing critical talent for future organizational needs in advance.

  • Competency Modeling-establishing organizational behaviors and accountabilities for success.

  • Job Benchmarking-developing standards that help you determine how to hire and manage for specific positions.

  • Performance Appraisal Systems-creating results-oriented employee job performance review systems.

  • Career Planning-helping staff look at where they are today and plan their options for tomorrow.

Additional resources are also available to serve your human resource needs.

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IntuAction Coaching makes a wide range of psychometric testing systems available for employee development. These invaluable tools can help you assess individual performance and productivity easily and accurately. The application of these assessments include:

  • Job Benchmarking

  • Talent Selection and Retention

  • Leadership & Employee Development

  • Coaching and Personal Development

  • Performance Appraisals

  • Succession Planning & Organizational Development

The product line consists of DISC, which determines how a person behaves , Values, why they behave the way they do, Attributes, a person’s view of the world and of themselves, and Personal Talents and Skills Inventory what they are capable of doing. With this in-depth look at an individual, an accurate picture can be formed that is essential to performance growth, team effectiveness, and successful ~selection and retention.

Psychometric testing is one of the best tools to assess the caliber and competency of a person, measuring a person's knowledge, abilities, attitudes, and personality traits using a detailed questionnaire. It provides accurate and reliable facts about a person’s potential to perform and progress. Many of IAC’s clients have used these psychometric tests for recruitment of new employees, development of training programs for employees, measurement of staff motivation, team building, and career counseling.